5 Ugly Truths about Travel

Traveling allows you to discover new people, places, and ideas. Some say it is the best way to self-discovery. Travel also offers numerous opportunities for fun. However, that does not mean it is always a smooth endeavor. It also has its ugly sides that could sometimes discourage you from taking trips. Check out the following five ugly truths about travel. 


Whether you travel on luxury or budget packages, spending several hours on flights, trains, buses, taxis, or at sea can no doubt take a toll on you. Traveling keeps you awake most of the time, mostly without something to do. Sometimes, you have to spend hours trekking across different places. Other times, you will not even have enough sleep. 


Flights can be fun but, not everyone loves to fly. Flying over long distances could keep you bored and stressed up. The turbulence could make you lose your mind. Flight fear is real and happens to many travelers. 

Culture Shock 

Although most people are often so happy to see new places and cultures, the reality of getting to the destination may be quite different. The facts of how other people live, work and play in different parts of the world can be disturbing and, sometimes, even scare you from proceeding with your adventure. 

Language Barrier 

There are many places around the world where speaking English is not enough. It is not uncommon to find places even in European countries where people cannot speak or understand basic English. 

Overpricing of Products and Services 

There have been numerous reports where businesses such as hotels and pubs intentionally hike prices when serving tourists. Indeed, prices are usually high during peak seasons. However, certain companies, especially those located around popular tourist attractions, often charge higher fees simply because they can. 

The above truths might make you feel like traveling is such a hassle. However, those minor issues are also the things that make the difference, allowing you to keep your eyes open, be creative and make the most of every adventure. 

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