The Safest Way to Travel with Money

Money is a basic requirement for every trip including fully paid-for vacations. Due to the technological advancements in the financial sector, there are now many ways to safely travel with money. Besides, there are also a few tricks that you can pursue to conceal money when traveling. The following are some of the best approaches to traveling with money safely that you should consider on your next trip.

Credit and Debit Cards

Also called plastic money, credit and debit cards are perhaps, the safest way to traveling with money. One of the benefits of credit cards is that you can easily swipe them to pay for services and goods like car rental, accommodation, meals, drinks and entry to attraction sites at various destinations.

If you have to use cash, you must withdraw the money that you need from an ATM, which also ensures the rest is safe and intact. For safety, only withdraw a little amount of money to use for a short period of time. Using credit and debit cards on a trip could also earn you points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Hide Cash in Belongings

Concealing money in belongings when traveling does not mean you have to over pack. There are several smaller and light personal effects that you can hide cash on while traveling without packing too much. Examples of belongings that you can safely hide money on include hidden leg wallet, belt with concealed pockets, hidden pockets sewn into your clothes, wrist wallet, shoes among others.

In case you opt to hide money in belongings, be sure to keep an eye on them because if they get lost, the money too will be gone. You should also split up the money and keep them on different items so that even if one is lost, you can still carry on with the trip.

There is no precise safe way to travel with money but, practicing the above guidelines and staying alert throughout your trip will ensure your travel money serves the intended purpose.


Travel Tips for Adventurous Archers

One apparent thing is that local authorities will most likely stop you when you travel with an exposed bow and arrows in any city. In fact, you will face charges in some places. Therefore, don’t do that even if you are the most adventurous archer. Instead, follow these tips to be on the safe side when traveling.

Call Ahead

If you intend to travel, don’t risk being sidelined on the departure day for not knowing that you were supposed to have a certain type of a bow case. You may also be sidelined for having a too big bow case. To avoid this, call ahead. Make sure that you have as much information as possible to carry the right archery equipment.

Arrive Early

You might spend more time before being allowed to board the plane. That’s because a bow and an arrow is a weapon. Thus, travel administrators will treat it that way. Your luggage content will be reviewed at several spots. Therefore, be ready to spend extra time at the airport.

Be Courteous

Bus drivers, TSA agents, and anybody else will inquire about your luggage content. These will be doing what they are paid to do. Their goal is to ensure safety for everyone. Therefore, don’t disrespect them feeling like they are just bothering you. Instead, be courteous and allow them to do what they are paid to do.

Do Not Panic

On landing at your travel destination, go to the luggage carousel of your airline directly. If you don’t find the bow case there, know that it may have been separated from the other luggage for reasons like safety. Therefore, don’t panic. Instead, wait for a ground crew member or gate agent to bring it to you.

Basically, you will find traveling with archery equipment challenging during your first trips. After making several trips, this will seem like your second nature.

Top Cities to See For the Least Amount of Money

Top Cities to See For the Least Amount of Money

Travelers are constantly looking for new places to visit for unique experiences. The world provides many cities to choose from. However, financial constraints sometimes make it hard for travelers to enjoy their desired experience. Here are some of the top cities that you can visit across the United States without breaking the bank.

San Antonio, Texas

With a record of up to 3 million tourists annually, San Antonio has a lot to offer travelers from around the world. In addition to the vibrant Mexican culture, this city is home to the Alamo, River Walk District, San Antonio Missions National Historic Park and other attractions that provide remarkable travel experiences. San Antonio, TX has a well developed transport network and affordable accommodation facilities that allow travelers to enjoy amazing low budget expeditions.

Kansas City, Montana

Kansas City has on many occasions been voted as the most affordable city in the US. This Midwest City is a remarkable destination for travelers to experience diverse cultures, cuisines and art. Its strategic location makes transport quite easy and affordable. The average accommodation rates are also on the low with lots of free attractions across the city. Some of the best places to visit here include Boulevard Brewing Company, Harley Davidson Plant, Crossroads Art District and Kaleidoscope.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Unlike the neighboring New York City, Philadelphia is a more affordable alternative for travelers. The City of Brotherly Love is sprawling with numerous historical sites, eateries and entertainment spots all of which you can explore for quite less. Some of the key attractions to check out in Philadelphia include the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, National Constitution Center and street food outlets.

San Diego, California

Listed among the America’s most visited cities, San Diego has a variety of attractions and sites as well as an incredible weather all year round. Travel might sometimes be a little on the high end but there are lots of options to consider. Besides, this coastal Pacific city has some of the best bargains in terms of accommodations and attractions. The most famous attractions in the city are San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Legoland.

Other amazing cities for travelers with limited budgets include Atlanta, Houston, Denver, New Orleans, Memphis, Arizona and Phoenix.

How to Satisfy Your Travel Bug

Everybody wants to travel but time is a limiting factor for everyone. Basically, time moves very fast for everybody no matter what they do. You just need to know how to create time to travel in your busy schedule. Essentially, you don’t need a whole month to travel. There are many opportunities that you can exploit and travel.

Weekend Getaways

You can travel over the weekend or travel on a Friday to spend the weekend somewhere else. Two days may not seem like a lot of time. However, they are enough for exploring a town, city or camp. Therefore, consider going on weekend trips more often. In any case, traveling to a distant place for two days is better than not traveling at all.

Choose a Close Travel Destination

Do you have a week only to travel? Then choose a nearby travel destination. That’s because when you have time limit, you risk spending all time traveling to a distant destination. That means you won’t have enough time to explore the destination. Therefore, choose a close destination to ensure that you have enough time to explore. What’s more, you are likely to get a better flight deal when you choose a close destination.  

Tour Your Locality

Many people do not tour their localities enough. For instance, how often do you explore new establishments in your city or visit the museums? Although there are many attractions in the place where you live, you may not have time or interest to visit them. But, they are very thrilling and they attract travelers from different parts of the world. Therefore, take a weekend and travel to a local attraction. That way, you will satisfy your travel bug and even understand or learn more about your locality.

Maximize Your Travel Time

Avoid striving to see everything that the earth has to offer travelers. This will make you run too much. You can’t see the entire Europe in one or two weeks. If you try to see everything within a limited time, you will burden your itinerary. You will be overwhelmed by travel destinations and eventually give up. Thus, you will decide to put off travel until you have ‘enough time’ to travel. To avoid this, stick to one or few attractions. That way, you will see them all and satisfy your desire to travel. Bear in mind the fact that less is usually more in travel.

So, if you think you don’t have time to travel, think about the nearby destinations that you can visit. Use your limited time productively, think, and plan your itinerary wisely. Bear in mind that travel is largely about exploration. And exploration happens anywhere for any duration.

High-Risk Areas Travel

High-Risk Areas Travel

High-risk areas travel comes with challenges. In most cases, it’s impossible to have enough information about high risk destinations before you travel. That’s because some high-risk travel destinations don’t have a functioning government. Generally, most governments warn their citizens against traveling to such areas. But, if you must travel to a high risk destination, take time to know the dangers that are associated with your travel. A family friend that does a lot of traveling once told us some interesting stories about traveling and if your ever in the area of San Antonio Texas feel free to contact him about some travel tips. He owns a glass repair shop in the Alamo city, this is his shops site.

Traveling to a high-risk destination is risking your life. You can also put the lives of your loved ones at jeopardy. That’s because you can be kidnapped and held hostage. Therefore, before you travel to a high risk area, take time to think about it.

Important Things to Know about High Risk Areas Travel

When you travel to a high risk area:

  • You are subjected to the justice system and laws of the country that you visit.
  • In most high risk travel destinations, your home country may not help you. That’s because there may be no functioning government and effective policies that govern international relationships in a high risk destination.
  • Your country may not have means of providing assistance in a foreign country that is at war. Thus, you may receive limited assistance if any while in a high risk travel destination.

Generally, it’s important to conduct some research before you travel. For instance, find out more about the governing authority in your destination and the political system. Also find out whether your home country has issued a travel advisory before you travel. Additionally, find out if your country has an embassy in your destination country. If you have relatives in your travel destination, let them know that you will be traveling.

It is also imperative to have contact information of the consulates or embassies of your country in your destination before you travel. Information about customs and laws, entry, exit, and travel conditions and requirements is also important. Finally, always watch out for your security and leave immediately if the situation worsens or takes a more risky trend.

How to Make Money Last Longer When Traveling

No matter how rich you are, you want your money to last longer when you travel. But, this is not easy for most people. In fact, some people overstretch their budgets whenever they travel. This compels them to spend more money than they had planned for the trip. Nevertheless, you can learn tips that will enable you to make the money that you budget for a trip last longer.

Know Your Financial Weaknesses and Plan Accordingly

Maybe you are not good with numbers. Perhaps, you have not budgeted for a trip before. However, because you know that you will be going on a trip for which you must budget, know your financial weaknesses in advance and plan accordingly. For instance, list down your expenses and decide when to cut them down. Know what you like treating yourself to and decide whether you will do so while traveling. Also know things that you can’t avoid to spend on and plan accordingly.

Always Negotiate or Barter

When you negotiate while traveling, you will learn that currency is more than monetary. It is also social. You may not have funds in abundance, but you can have the necessary skills set. If you realize that using dollars to negotiate won’t get you anywhere, consider providing a service or good. For instance, you can offer English lessons to get someone to guide you around a travel destination.

Lead a Minimalist Lifestyle

To avoid spending on things that you didn’t budget for, lead a minimalist lifestyle. For instance, travel with a carry-on bag to have minimal belongings. Avoid buying clothes or souvenirs whenever you travel. If possible use public transportation or just walk. You can also avoid paying for history-related or culture tours or activities.

Basically, these tips will enable you to travel more even when you have a limited budget. Follow them carefully to make your next trip less costly and successful.


How to Improve Blogging or Writing Skills when Traveling

Many travelers want to become better bloggers or writers but they don’t know how to achieve this. Generally, when you travel you get exposed to many things that you can write about. However, if you don’t have good writing or blogging skills, your writing may not be read as much as you desire. Fortunately, there are tips that will improve your writing skills if you follow and practice them as you write and travel.


Read the works of other writers. Reading will enable you to know how other writers present their ideas and information. Reading can also give you ideas for your next article, blog post, or book. So, read widely when traveling before you start writing.

Love Writing

You only accomplish something if you love doing it. Therefore, don’t write while traveling just because you are bored. Additionally, don’t choose a genre to get free trips or hotel rooms. Instead, write on topics that you are really good at. When you love writing, you come up with content that people will find hard to take eyes off.

Don’t Stick to Linear Writing

It’s not a must that you write something from the beginning to the end. There are times when this structure is not ideal for writing. In some cases, it’s wise to get some paragraphs and scenes of an entire composition first, then sit back and have a look at the entire picture. Rearrange your content and figure out the most appropriate way to present it.

Tap into Your Drive and Motivation

There is something that compels you to think and write. Tap into it and you will become a great writer while traveling. This can be the works of other writers or even traveling itself. But, whatever it is, tap into it.

Don’t Be Stressed By the First Draft

Instead of being stressed when the first draft doesn’t come out the way you expect, keep writing. Put what comes to mind down in writing and revise later. Patient is always important when it comes to writing while traveling. Write when your mind is creative and more active.

Let Somebody Else Edit Your Work

Getting somebody else edit your work is very important. Every writer makes mistakes. However, it’s not easy for a writer to spot mistakes in their own work especially when they write while traveling. After all, that’s why editors exist. It is therefore important to have somebody else edit your work whether a friend or a professional editor.

Generally, writing is an art that can be mastered when traveling. Always remember that you must practice to write great pieces. And practicing will enable you to improve your craft. Follow these tips to improve your writing or blogging skills when traveling.

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Essential things to remember when you are going to England

England. The place where a queen is in charge. This is also a great place to visit if you love touring the world. However, there are a couple of things that you need to remember when you are going to England. This is so that you don’t get into trouble for breaking the rules or struggling to your way around England. The moment that you remember these things, you will know for sure that you are going to have a great time in England.

They are always talking about the weather

If you want to make a conversation, you should talk about the weather. Most of us know that if you don’t really have something to say to a stranger, you are starting the conversation of about the weather.

However, this is exactly what you should do in England. Then, you are going to be within a conversation in minutes. They truly love talking about the weather, even if this sounds strange to us. We will talk about politics, sport or fashion towards a stranger, but not in England.

Tea is their national drink, so don’t ask for anything else

Tea. The one thing that everyone in England is drinking. Yes, they might be drinking coffee sometimes, but this doesn’t happen a lot. They are always drinking tea. If you are going to ask for something else to drink after your meal or at tea time, you are going to get some ugly looks.

If you want to make sure that you are doing everything socially right in England, then you should order tea. And, you need to pretend that you like it if you don’t like drinking tea at all.

Standing on the right in an escalator

This is a mistake that many tourists are making. If you are standing in an escalator and you want to exit, you need to stand on the right side. The moment that you are standing on the left side, you are going to struggle to get out. No matter if you were there first.

The believe that standing on the right side is much easier for getting in and out of an escalator. If you are standing on the left, you are going to wait until everyone has exit before you can exit. This can be frustrating if you are late for an appointment.

They love a sunny day

Sunny days don’t come too often in England. And, when the sun does come out and it is warm enough, you will not see many people in shops and at workplaces. They will be looking for some outdoor activity. Even if the sun does come out during the summer, it isn’t always warm enough for an outdoor outing.

England is an interesting country to visit. And, if you are planning to visit England at some point, these are some of the things that you need to remember. This is the only way that you are going to have the best possible time.