Tips for Traveling to Canada from the U.S

Canada and the United States of America seem like one big family with so much in common. Indeed, the two countries share a lot of things but, also have certain disparities that every traveler should be enlightened to ensure smooth trips.  If you are planning a trip from the US to Canada, the following are some useful tips to keep in mind. 

Get a Valid Passport 

Unlike in the past when people coming from the US would casually cross into Canada with only a driver’s license, Canadian authorities today require all travelers to have valid passports. 

For children under the age of 15 years old traveling from the US to Canada, a birth certificate is required. 

You Can Use Your U.S Driver’s License in Canada 

In case you are planning a road trip or to hire a car for personal use while in Canada, you should carry a valid U.S license. The driving laws are also similar but, be sure to dig deeper to avoid problems driving in Canada. 

Goods Worth $60 and above are Subject to Taxes and Duty 

It is allowed to carry gifts when traveling to Canada but, remember that anything that is valued at more than $60 will be subjected to normal taxes and duty. You can save money on liquor and cigarettes at the Canadian duty-free shops but, they also allow just limited purchases. 

Health Insurance Cover

While Canada boasts an integrated universal healthcare system, it is only available to Canadian citizens. Thus, it is also important to get proper health insurance cover in case your current policy does extend outside the United States. 

Canadian Border Services Agency Reserves the Right to Entry 

Even with a valid passport, there is no guarantee that you will be granted entry into Canada. Sometimes, the authorities also check the criminal records of people passing through the border and, could decline your request for entry on such grounds. 

Generally, traveling to Canada from the US is not usually hectic due to the good relationship that both countries share. However, you should be keen on the issues discussed above to ensure smooth and fun trips to Canada. 

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