Travel Tips for Adventurous Archers

One apparent thing is that local authorities will most likely stop you when you travel with an exposed bow and arrows in any city. In fact, you will face charges in some places. Therefore, don’t do that even if you are the most adventurous archer. Instead, follow these tips to be on the safe side when traveling.

Call Ahead

If you intend to travel, don’t risk being sidelined on the departure day for not knowing that you were supposed to have a certain type of a bow case. You may also be sidelined for having a too big bow case. To avoid this, call ahead. Make sure that you have as much information as possible to carry the right archery equipment.

Arrive Early

You might spend more time before being allowed to board the plane. That’s because a bow and an arrow is a weapon. Thus, travel administrators will treat it that way. Your luggage content will be reviewed at several spots. Therefore, be ready to spend extra time at the airport.

Be Courteous

Bus drivers, TSA agents, and anybody else will inquire about your luggage content. These will be doing what they are paid to do. Their goal is to ensure safety for everyone. Therefore, don’t disrespect them feeling like they are just bothering you. Instead, be courteous and allow them to do what they are paid to do.

Do Not Panic

On landing at your travel destination, go to the luggage carousel of your airline directly. If you don’t find the bow case there, know that it may have been separated from the other luggage for reasons like safety. Therefore, don’t panic. Instead, wait for a ground crew member or gate agent to bring it to you.

Basically, you will find traveling with archery equipment challenging during your first trips. After making several trips, this will seem like your second nature.

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